Conqueror Price – UEV 490 Extreme, UEV 440 Extreme, UEV 390 Extreme

uev 490 price
UEV 440 Extreme
Conqueror prices – The prices for the Conqueror campers/trailers vary between countries. South Africa and Australia are priced different to other countries.
If you would like a pricelist for countries outside South Africa and Australia please complete the form below and we will send you the international price list by email.


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uev 440 price

The following models are currently available for export.

UEV 390 Extreme

UEV 440 Extreme

UEV 490 Extreme

All International models are manufactured on order because of the specification differences between countries. Some specifications need to be build in during manufacturing and as such we only start once an order has been placed.

We are able to ship and deliver Conqueror to your country.

Lead time is 10 – 16 weeks.

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Conqueror Off Road Camper/Trailer Prices

All trailers are hand built from the ground up and assembled on the production lines in the factory in Heidelberg, South Africa.

We don’t use any wood.

The Conqueror range is built for the rugged outdoors in any conditions and  wood will get wet, expand, rot and then fall apart.

Conqueror Chassis

The main construction of our chassis is CNC cut and bent 3 mm steel.  Other critical strength parts are made of thicker material and laser cut for precision fitting. All chassis parts are powder coated or hot dip galvanized.  No other competitor in the off-road trailer market offers a hot dip galvanized chassis.  

With the use of high strength riveting and bolts, we have limited the amount of welds on the chassis. As a result of this technique the occurrence of metal fatigue and stress concentrations is very low. Another key benefit of this modular approach is that almost any part damaged in the field can be replaced in the field.

Towing and Suspension

On the caravan side your Conqueror uses a patented independent suspension system with stabilizers and 12” electric brakes.  Heavy duty, off-road shocks are used on both the trailers and the caravans.  The trailers use a solid beam, shock/leaf spring suspension, with 10” electric brakes.

Body Construction

Body construction is also based on a modular concept. Body parts are CNC cut and bent to ensure a high degree of accuracy. All body parts are individually powder coated.

The body panels are assembled using high modulus polyurethane glue and secured with strategically placed high strength rivets.

This method is similar to that being employed in the aircraft industry, producing a vehicle which is lightweight and resilient.  It is for this reason that our trailers perform very well in off road conditions because of reduced weight, coupled with the reduction of metal fatigue and corrosion.   

Automotive grade seals are used on all doors and special care in the design is taken to ensure a water and dust tight vehicle.  The caravans have the added feature of employing a positive pressure fan and filter system to keep the cabin pressured while driving to keep the dust out.

What is the price of the Conqueror Camper/Trailer

  • UEV 390 Extreme Price: USD 27 750,00
  • UEV 440 Extreme Price: USD 38 750,00
  • UEV 490 Extreme Price: USD 42 650,00
  • Three Conqueror models are currently built for export
  • The trailer price excludes shipping and taxes
  • Lead time 10 to 16 weeks
UEV 440 Extreme with tent
UEV 440 Extreme Camper Trailer
conqueror uev 440 extreme prices

Conqueror Price UEV 490 Extreme UEV 440 Extreme UEV 390 Extreme

Conqueror UEV 440 Extreme