Why 4×4 Trailers Will Change How You Do Camping

by echcoleman | Sep 30, 2019

South Africa has some exciting off-road trails that lead to remote, breathtaking views and astounding natural wonder. Accessing this raw beauty, however, cannot be done by using a standard car and trailer. If you already have your off-road vehicle, then it is time to look into 4×4 camping trailers. These models one-up regular towables in a few ways, which we discuss further below.

Everyone camps in their own way; some want to feel comfortable and relaxed, others like the challenge of pushing their limits. It does not matter how you choose to enjoy the great outdoors – 4×4 camping trailers will redefine the way you experience nature.

Go Where You Have Never Before Gone

Reaching the peak of that waterfall or bottom of those sand dunes can only be done with a trailer built to navigate uneven, harsh terrain. Travelling off the beaten track requires a sturdy frame, strong braked axles, and independent suspension with stabilisers. This means that handling challenging obstacles is far more comfortable and gets you where you need to be without damaging the contents inside the trailer.

Keep Your Comforts Close

While there is no place like home, 4×4 camping trailers allow one to take a piece of home anywhere. Ample space for a bedroom and a spacious living area is something that many off-road towables boast. Now even your most pampered family members and friends will want to travel with you while they appreciate the outdoors without relinquishing the cosy leisures of luxury.

Plenty of Packing Space

If you plan on spending more than a few weeks camping, then 4×4 trailers are absolutely ideal. A trailer’s primary purpose is storage and off-road designs take this to the next level. With your purchase, you can expect enough room for everything from clothing to food, and still have extra space for tools, accessories, and hobby equipment.

The Ultimate in Convenient Camping

Arriving at your campsite and setting up a tent and living area is a bit of a hassle. 4×4 Camping trailers allow one to set up or pack up in just a few minutes with minimal effort. You can also unhitch the trailer from your vehicle and leave it at the campsite while you drive around and explore your surroundings.

For an off-road caravan or camper that will not only impress you with its durability, but with its luxury too – why not contact us at Conqueror? We will help you with everything from purchases, rentals, accessories, and repairs.