4×4 Trailers Need Some TLC

by echcoleman | Jun 29, 2020

Yes, 4×4 Trailers Need Some TLC After a Trip – Here’s How to Do It

Here at Conqueror, we have certainly designed our models to be low maintenance but giving your trailer a little attention now and again will ensure it stays in spick and span condition for years to come. Consider that if you had spent a weekend ploughing through muddy ravines and scaling dusty terrain, you would not leave your 4×4 vehicle to sit in this condition once you returned home – and the same principle applies to 4×4 trailers. Here we look at a few ways to ensure you keep your product in tip-top condition until your next trip.

Perform a Thorough Inspecting

Traversing over challenging land and bundu-bashing through uncharted bushveld is enough to leave your towing vehicle in desperate need of a good clean-up. Before you break out the pressure washer, however, it is wise to give your trailer a once-over and assess its post-adventure condition. Keeping your model in good order is far easier if you choose to maintain its superb condition from day one. Have a look at deflated or punctured tyres, as well as dry rot on your tyres. Check your tyres in a few days again to ensure you have not received a slow puncture either.

Then, have a look that your brake lights, indicator lights, and reverse lights are in good working order too. Check for loose bolts and lug nuts, and that the model’s moving parts are well-lubricated. Our dealership network offers services and repairs on all Conqueror 4×4 trailers, so you can pop in and we will ensure that your wheel bearings, suspension, plumbing, and electrical components still look great.

Clean Before the Dirt Does Damage

Mineral-rich African soil means the continent is home to some of the most unique ecosystems anywhere in the world, it also puts vehicles in danger of corrosion. Allowing caked-on mud and dust to settle on 4×4 trailers for months on end means that these minerals, such as salt, might even damage your model. Within the first few days of your arrival back home, it is best to give your towable a good wash. Mild car shampoo and lukewarm water ought to do the trick just fine, and you can follow up with a waxing if desired. Remember to hose down your tyres too and use a soft brush to get them clean. As for the interior, unpack anything not bolted to the model and give your trailer a thorough vacuuming, followed by a wipe-down with a gentle cleaning agent to prevent mould and mildew.

For more tips on maintenance on our 4×4 trailers, get in touch with us at Conqueror today.