About Our Off-Road Caravans and Trailers

by echcoleman | Jan 28, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Off-Road Caravans and Trailers

A handful of major brands in South Africa sells off-road caravans and trailers. The market is also awash with plenty of options for avid campers who enjoy overland safaris and extreme 4×4 routes. Finding a brand that is durable enough to keep up with rough bundu-bashing, however, is not as simple. More and more, we see prospective clients doing their homework when it comes to such an investment – something we encourage for every customer. Because we get so many queries about our models, we have decided to compile a quick list of frequently asked questions to help our customers make informed decisions before they buy.

What Makes Conqueror Different to Other Manufacturers and Retailers of Its Kind?

Our brand is well-established in South Africa, as we have been in the industry for over 30 years. While we began with the production of military-grade trailers, we have since moved into luxury camping. Our off-road caravans and trailers are comfortable and made for making wonderful memories. We are committed to continual improvement, which is probably why our award-winning models are so popular all over the country.

What Type of Design Parameters Does Conqueror Incorporate?

We make use of materials used in the motor industry, such as electrogalvanised steel for each chassis and core frame. For our doors and furniture, we prefer powder-coated, lightweight aluminium– this helps to reduce scratches, chipping, and wear. In the event of an accident, our modular designs allow for easy panel replacement, which saves the buyer money. The body of each model is assembled with polyurethane glue and fasteners of excellent quality that adds to the longevity of the build.

Where Can I Purchase Accessories for My Conqueror Model?

We have a variety of accessories available in-store, and our off-road caravans and trailers can all be easily fitted with these products. From tents to awnings in various shapes to smaller accessories such as bed linen and camping equipment, we provide it all.

What If I Need Assistance After Purchasing A Product?

We have a dealer network with branches across South Africa. Each member of our nationwide team is highly trained and will assist you pre- and post-sale. Whether you are in need of a service, replacement parts, accessories, off-road caravans, or advice, we will gladly help you.

When it comes to escaping to that longed-for Bushveld breakaway, there is no compromising on quality. Treat yourself and your family this 2020 with one of our top-notch off-road caravans or trailers. For more information on our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Seeking A Durable Off-Road Trailer? These Four Models Are Sure to Impress You

What could be more frustrating than travelling across untamed Africa and tugging a camper trailer along that falls apart on you? Here at Conqueror, we take our 30 years of experience when it comes to manufacturing military-grade towables and pour this knowledge into each of our modern designs. Not only is an off-road trailer by Conqueror durable enough to traverse any terrain, but it is designed with an element of luxury in mind for the ultimate liveability. If you are looking for a hard-wearing model that you can tow through any 4×4 trail, below are four of our designs upon which you can safely rely:

  1. The Conqueror Comfort. Winner of the 2018 “Off-road Trailer of the Year” category by The Great Outdoors, the Conqueror Comfort comes with a warranty of three years and enough kitchen area, workspace, bedroom space, and storage for a small family. The Comfort is a durable off-road trailer that feels a lot like home in how easy it is to enjoy.
  2. The Comfort Recce Limited Edition. Here at Conqueror, it is incredibly important for us to give back to our community. We thus created the Comfort Recce Limited Edition. This beefy big brother of the Comfort model was produced in association with the Recce Heritage Trust. Proceeds from the sale of the Comfort Recce Limited Edition go towards the South African Special Forces Association that benefits retired veterans and serving members of the force.
  3. The Compact Platinum Edition. Ideal for a solo trip, a couple, or small family, the Compact Platinum Edition is lightweight, balanced, and durable. Complete with a comfortable double bed, spacious worktable, and on-demand hot water and shower plumbing, this off-road trailer has everything you need for enjoyable travels with no hassle.
  4. The Conqueror Courage. Looking for something a little more compact and lightweight while still maintaining a durable frame and top performance? The Courage model has what it takes to do it all and more. A king-sized bed, slide-out drawers, and a simple power-management system mean that the Courage off-road trailer adapts to your lifestyle with ease.

As you can see, we have a camper trailer for any type of outdoor enthusiast. To find a model to suit your lifestyle, we invite you to get in touch with us. We will assist you with all your questions and get you started with all the accessories you will need.