Caravan and Camper Trailers for Sale

by echcoleman | Sep 30, 2019

Caravan and Camper Trailers for Sale to Suit Every Kind of Outdoor Enthusiast

Within the global community and Africa in particular, South Africa has one of the strongest 4×4 travelling and camping communities. This love for exploring the great outdoors is proven by the fact that the country is home to ample campsites, game reserves, and 4×4 trails. There is no shortage of caravan and camper trailers for sale, either. How does one know, then, which brand and products would work best for your needs?

With the number of adventurists in South Africa, we understand that not everyone does “camping” the same. Whether you like to rough it in the wild or live in the lap of luxury, we offer caravan and camper trailers for sale that suit everyone. Here are some examples of the types of travellers to which we cater:

The “Glamper”

Glamorous camping, or “glamping”, has come into the spotlight in recent years as a way to enjoy nature without the need to get your nails dirty. Glampers look for comfort and a home away from home and do not feel the need to compromise on the finer things in life. Those who prefer glamping will seek caravan and camper trailers for sale built with the necessary facilities and luxury in mind.

The Survivalist

Survivalists are those individuals who seem to get by on the bare minimum. They never mind sleeping under the stars and often only take along a few small supplies because they are in it for the challenge. These are the pioneers who seek a caravan or off-road trailer that will get them where they need to go without any fuss.

The Opportunist

Opportunist campers are the people who have an unending list of adventures behind their name. When an opportunist goes camping, you can be sure they will take everything along from fishing rods to rock-climbing equipment. For such individuals, a tough off-road towable with all the trimmings is the only way they can explore the world.

The Family Campers

Only camping once or twice a year, family campers usually bring everyone along – from the kids to the grandparents. They have an action-packed schedule planned for the week and packed bicycles, board games, and sunscreen aplenty. Family campers need a lot of room and look for spacious caravans and camper trailers large enough for everyone – and their stuff.

Regardless of your outdoor living preferences, we at Conqueror have several caravan and camper trailers for sale from which you can take your pick. For more information on our products and services, drop us a message online, and we will get back to you.