Changing The Camping Game With Off-road Caravans

by echcoleman | Apr 07, 2020

How Our Off-road Caravans are Changing the Camping Game

Camping has changed a lot since most of us were kids. It’s not enough to drive to that same, quiet campsite each year and toast marshmallows every night. Most South Africans who regularly travel off the beaten track seek true adventure – something thrilling and tinged with a hint of danger. If exploring the unknown is where your heart is, you want to do so in style. Whether travelling with family or winging it solo, our off-road caravans provide the best way to enjoy your journey.

Blaze a Trail into the Bundus

One of the biggest advantages of investing in one of our off-road caravans is that you are no longer restricted to the safe, well-travelled path – you can create your own. Our designs are built to take a beating and will follow wherever you lead. 4×4 trails and terrain ranging from rocky to marsh-like are no match for our tough-as-nails models. Featuring a patented independent suspension system with stabilisers, our models boast improved handling and manoeuvrability over obstacles.

Conqueror Off-Road Caravans

Durability Isn’t an Issue

A standard caravan isn’t going to get far if you drag it along those off-road trails. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg just for your post-camping repairs. Our 4×4 caravans utilise electrogalvanised steel for each chassis and body frame and aluminium doors and furniture for a lightweight, durable design that trails along with ease.

Ideal for the Whole Family

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your family, nothing competes with our line in terms of liveability. Now, the comforts of home are kept close, as you can select a model with plenty of sleeping space and a spacious living area for those fun nights of board games and tasty dinners. You’ll be glad to have all the work space in the kitchen and features like plumbing and a shower are a bonus too.

You Can Camp for Longer

Nobody wants to go home after a refreshing trip in the great outdoors but packing restrictions with a regular vehicle often mean that a week is about the most you would be able to enjoy. Fortunately, Conqueror off-road caravans come with enough packing space and storage room for everything from camping equipment to groceries. Everything has a designated spot and packing for your trip becomes far more intuitive.

Why let the world tell you how to enjoy your journey? Create your own adventure and boldly go where few have set foot before. For more information on our top-of-their-class 4×4 trailers and caravans, get in touch with us today.