Home Is Wherever You Are With Our 4×4 Caravans

by echcoleman | Apr 07, 2020

Roughing It Versus Glamping: Why 4×4 Caravans Let You Do Both

When it comes to camping, there are, essentially, two schools of thought. On the team of those who like roughing it, we have mavericks and pioneers who need nothing more than a Swiss Army knife and flint to survive out in the wild. Over on the glamping side, however, things are a little more luxurious. Of course, there exists a middle ground for those who still want to immerse themselves in nature but avoid the risk of losing any limbs. The solution is 4×4 caravans that accommodate any camping need.

A Great Adventure Awaits

If you consider yourself adept at bivouacking and resourceful enough to live off the land, you’re going to want to explore new, uncharted territory and pave the way of your own adventure. You don’t need much to make it out in the wild – but all the nifty equipment and tools make it exciting. Whether you want to go fishing, rock climbing, or off-road mountain biking, you are going to need some way to store your equipment while covering untamed (and sometimes dangerous) terrain.

Don’t let the luxury of our 4×4 caravans fool you, though; they are built with military-grade toughness in mind and have an astounding ability to endure rough travels. Whether you are facing the vicious elements or driving over uneven ground that requires careful handling, our 4×4 caravans are made to make the journey even more thrilling.

Home Is Wherever You Are

After many days spent out in the wild, most people begin to pine for easier living at home, but that shouldn’t get in the way of your fun while camping. Full-on glamping (glamour camping), complete with those cosy creature comforts, is possible and you need not leave any luxury at home. Feather duvets and plush pillows can all come along and you can spend your camping getaway sinking your teeth into a good book, or even work and studies. Our 4×4 caravans allow for your opulent desires with enough storage space, plumbing, a large sleeping area, workspace, and kitchen area. Liveability and spacious lodging mean you won’t even miss suburban life.

Our 4×4 caravans are well-suited to any type of traveller – including families with several members that each have their own packing needs. We also have several models available, so you can invest in something to make that next trip one for the books. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.