Pack for a Trip with One of Our Camping Trailers

by echcoleman | Mar 18, 2020

Here’s How to Pack for a Trip with One of Our Camping Trailers

From the start, it was our goal to make camping as comfortable as possible. This meant providing consumers with camping trailers that would keep their items safe, boast durable performance, and allow for enjoyable outdoor living. Whether you are planning a solo journey into the bundus armed with nothing but a panga and some tinned beans or if you’re planning a relaxing getaway with family, you will need to pack right. Possibly the most cumbersome of tasks when it comes to your pre-trip planning is packing. What to pack, how to pack it, and what to leave at home can be complicated. Fortunately, our camping trailers offer more than enough storage space for your travels, so all that’s left is deciding what to take along.

Getting Back to Basics

Spending time camping is all about minimising the fuss of modern living. We don’t need all the extras and we’re quite happy to leave them behind. The fine line between luxuries and essentials becomes blurred when packing for a longer trip, as we fear that can’t do without certain items. Humans are nothing if not resourceful, however, so take some time to consider whether the item will add much to your experience. When it comes to clothing, light layers are best. African nights can get frosty and sweltering summer days can cause heatstroke. Be sure to pack a warm jacket and cool, breathable clothing that you can layer or take off as needed. Soft-heeled or open shoes may not be wise as dust, thorns, jagged rocks, and tick bites are all unpleasant.

Our camping trailers come with tons of useful features, such as a 2-plate gas burner and spacious kitchen area. This means all you need to stock up on are cooking tools, cutlery, and groceries. When it comes to meals, don’t over-plan things. Simple, healthy dishes are often appreciated most and require very little preparation. Take along vacuum-sealed food as well as foil and newspaper to keep items fresh.

Keep in mind that last-minute packing is stressful and will lead to items being forgotten and left behind. Start your shopping, folding, and meal prepping at least one to two weeks in advance and work off a list. Food, shelter, and clothing are your top priorities, so sort out these three categories first. On the upside, our trailers are so versatile and full of modular storage spaces that packing space won’t be an issue. If you would like to find out more about our 4×4 campers and off-road caravans, contact us today.