Quality Off-Road Trailer

by echcoleman | Aug 19, 2019

5 Ways to Know You Are Investing in a Quality Off-road Trailer

As an outdoor enthusiast looking to invest in a new off-road trailer, it may be difficult to distinguish between something of exceptional quality and a subpar product. The actual test only comes a few months down the line, after your trailer has been put through the mill. How, then, will you know the right product when you see it?

The simple fact is that your purchase must heavily rely on research, or you run the risk of buying something of poor quality on a whim. If you are in your first phase of doing your homework on what product to try, then have a gander at these five points to keep in mind:

  1. Product specifications. While measuring quality may not always be possible through mere observation, one can make an educated guess as to how a product will perform based upon its specifications. Your dealer of choice should have a catalogue of their products’ specifications – but if they do not, it is best to steer clear. Product brochures should provide you with construction materials and the layout of the towable vehicle.


  1. Body construction. You do not want an off-road trailer that will rust or falter in use. Chassis and core frames do best when made from quality, electro-galvanised steel, which is a breeze to repair and is more affordable. Aluminium can then be used on doors or inner surfaces to keep the vehicle light.


  1. Pay attention to suspension. An off-road trailer with good suspension means that towing and handling becomes far easier, axle articulation is improved, and the contents within your camper are less likely to suffer damage. Look for products with an independent suspension system instead of the more traditional solid beam axles still often used today.


  1. Accessories and features. Up to this point, some products may be equally tied for your favour, so the decider may be what extras you can expect. Features such as a spacious work area, awnings, tents, or a geyser with integrated plumbing should all be taken into consideration.


  1. A brand to trust. An off-road trailer is a significant investment, so finding one of good quality needs to be a priority. The wisest choice you can make is to find a brand with years of experience behind their name and an excellent reputation.


At Conqueror, our award-winning products continue to be the go-to choice for veteran and amateur adventurers alike. If you would like to find out more, get in touch with us and we will contact you back.