What Makes for a Durable Off-Road Trailer

by echcoleman | May 28, 2020

Here is What Makes for a Durable Off-Road Trailer

Here at Conqueror, we have met enough people to know that so many seeking a tough-as-nails 4×4 towable are unfortunately left disappointed when investing in a subpar product. The sad part is that while many choose to skimp out on quality for something a little more affordable, a model that breaks or lets you down when you need it most ends up costing more in the long run. You want something that is going to be easy to maintain, will outperform any of its competitors, and also comes at a fantastic price. The solution to finding a durable off-road trailer lies in a few trade secrets, which we share with you here today.

A Brand You Can Trust

In this market, a brand could put out a phenomenal off-road trailer, but if the brand itself isn’t trustworthy, most people won’t invest in them. Customers will always place their confidence in a company when they are guaranteed excellent services, top-quality products, and integrity. At Conqueror, we have been building positive relationships with our valued clients for decades. Over thirty years of experience in the industry makes us a forerunner when it comes to the expertise it takes to craft a product of quality. Anyone familiar with us knows that we don’t rely on cheap gimmicks or false advertising to get ahead of the game – we simply provide what we promise.

Durable Comes Down to Construction

What sets an off-road trailer apart from a standard towable vehicle has much to do with the design and manufacturing process. It starts with exceptional raw materials and ends with a hard-wearing model that can tackle any terrain. Be careful of suppliers who are not open about how they make their trailers – you are entitled to understand what goes into your investment. As for us, we enjoy boasting about the hard work and technology we put into our award-winning models. We use electro-galvanised steel for all chassis and core body frames, which is less susceptible to corrosion. Then, our models’ doors and furniture are constructed from aluminium, to keep the vehicle lightweight and easy to tow. Chassis are manufactured from 3 mm steel with minimal welding to prevent any metal fatigue and concentrated segments taking too much strain. Each durable off-road trailer features solid-beam braked axles, and we finish the process with a finishing powder coating to protect the model from scratches and wear.

If our accolades and superb customer testimonials don’t impress you, you are welcome to get in touch with us and see for yourself why there is no better place to purchase a durable off-road trailer than at Conqueror.