Why South Africans Prefer Off-Road Caravans

by echcoleman | Dec 09, 2019

Here is Why South Africans Prefer Off-Road Caravans

Avid outdoorsmen know the feeling – that longing to pack up and leave the stresses of the city behind and finally kick back and relax out under the expansive night sky. If the smell of crackling braais and the earthy, Bushveld air is what you need, it may be time to look into off-road caravans. Of course, there is no better way to tour the African landscape than with a Conqueror 4×4 towing vehicle at your side and many South Africans would agree. Below we discuss why so many locals prefer off-road caravans and why you will too.

It’s the Easy Way to Travel

Camping, fun as it is, comes with a few not-so-fun responsibilities, such as packing up and setting up camp – which can take hours on a good day. Off-road caravans simplify these tasks because setting up requires minimal effort, as everything you need is already right where it belongs.

Access Almost Any Terrain

A standard caravan will have a hard time scaling steep hills, traversing rocky and uneven ground, and travelling over sand and gravel. Conqueror off-road caravans are built to travel wherever your 4×4 goes, which means they can take a beating with far less wear and tear than your run-of-the-mill towing vehicle. For something rugged and durable to help you bushwhack your way through untamed terrain, our models are second to none.

It’s A Care-Free Vacation

Part of the fun of caravan camping is plotting your course. But every now and then, it’s fun to just follow the stars. Off-road caravans offer one the opportunity for a spontaneous, pack-up-and-go holiday without much fuss at all. Follow the road maps or blaze your own trail – the choice is yours.

The Best Way to Spend Time with the Family

While a wild, solo adventure can be challenging and tons of fun, off-road caravans offer enough space and leisure for the whole family to enjoy. Teach the kids how to camp or whisk your partner away to a romantic African destination – now you can go anywhere you want, with anyone you want.

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