Your How-To Guide on Caring for Your 4×4 Trailers

by echcoleman | Oct 30, 2019

Those who take their 4×4 trailers along on rough-and-tumble trips know how exciting the adventure is. Braving it out in the wild, scaling steep mountainsides, and ploughing through rivers – thrill seekers can’t get enough. 4×4 trailers, though, need a little TLC after such an excursion. Maintaining your towable will keep it looking brand-new for years to come and also ensure that you can rely on its performance for every journey ahead. Below, we look at a few tips for keeping those 4×4 trailers spick and span, and the great news is that anyone can do it.

Don’t Let Dirt Settle

While it may be tough enough to tackle just about any terrain, it was not designed to sit in built-up dirt for months on end. Within a day or two of arriving from your travels, it is best to give it a good wash. Start by removing most of the caked-on mud, grime, and dust with a water hose. A mild car shampoo (or one formulated for 4×4 trailers) and a sponge will do the trick. Remember, travelling through varied terrains will expose it to minerals like salt that will corrode the finish, so it’s best to clean this off before it does any damage. Last, pay attention to areas like the undercarriage and feel free to give your towable a good wax every few months.

Maintaining a Pristine Condition

The best way to get trailers looking great – as with any vehicle – is to maintain them from day one. Before and after you use it, inspect your towable and check for issues like deflated tyres, dry rot on the tyres, failing brake lights, loose lug nuts, and that the moving parts are adequately lubricated. You can also take your model in for a service to ensure systems like suspension, wheel bearings, and electrical components are in working order.

Protection Between Travels

Most people only travel a few times a year and 4×4 trailers are, for the most part, stored away until they are needed. Storage is, therefore, an essential factor in your vehicle’s maintenance, as the wrong spot could lead to damage over time. Keep your towable away from extreme weather and direct sunlight and avoid spaces where harsh chemicals are used.

Finally, the quality of your chosen model will make all the difference in how well it performs and how long it lasts. If you would like to trade your old trailer in for something a little more suited to heavy-duty travelling, we welcome you to get in touch with us today.